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The history of BIOREMIQ™ dates back to the early 1980s, when the inventor first came up with the idea of ​​humus production. As a legacy of growing up on the farm, the tension between his need for a healthy diet and the dominance of chemicals used in agriculture has prompted him to embark on a path of technology improvement and the development of BIOREMIQ™.

The main goal of the brand is to gradually reduce the amount of conventional chemicals that have been used and proven for decades by using new, biologically active solutions. In a healthy soil, soil microbes will allow nutrients to be present for the plants in the right place, right form, and the right time. Because biologically active solutions do not deliver the nutrient itself, but the microorganisms that provide the nutrients, which also populate and multiply in the soil, much less of the microbial solution needs to be applied to achieve comparable results to fertilizers.

BIOREMIQ™ is a 100% natural plant conditioning and soil regeneration product, developed and produced in Hungary. It reinforces the natural physiological processes of plants, improves nutrient uptake and utilization, and increases tolerance to environmental stress factors. Recommended areas of use are arable and horticultural crops, fruits, vegetables, grasses, lawns, balcony and houseplants. It can be used in GMO-free and chemical-free, organic farming, and its use prevents possible overdose.

BIOREMIQ™ is now available through numerous resellers and has contributed to the noticeable trend where consumers consciously choose environmentally friendly alternatives.

We firmly believe that healthy farming is viable and profitable in the 21st century. The balance of soil life and the natural feeding of plants must be restored. This is the starting point for a healthy diet.

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